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2009 Open Day Report

Photo copyright:  Jenny CoffeyThe Vampire Preservation Group’s second annual Open Day took place on 14th March 2009. Due to a technical problem with the Vampire’s brakes, we were unable to taxi the aircraft – however, it was towed into position and chocked, allowing everybody the chance to see the aircraft at close quarters and take photographs.

Photo copyright:  Jenny CoffeyAs we were unable to fly, it was decided to start the engine instead, giving the crowd the chance to hear the sound of the Goblin engine and admire the damage to the grass behind the aircraft afterwards!

Photo copyright:  John RichardsonThe highlight of the day was our guest speaker, Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown. He gave a fascinating talk about his experiences during WWII test flying various aircraft – both UK prototypes and captured German machines, including the rocket powered Messerschmitt 163 Komet.

Photo copyright:  Jenny CoffeyHe also described his experience of making the world's first landing of a jet aircraft - a Sea Vampire - on the deck of HMS Ocean, on 3 December 1945.

Photo copyright:  Jenny CoffeyAt 6:30pm everybody went outside again, to watch the night start of the Vampire’s engine. As with last year, the flames looked much more impressive in the dark – it also provided an excellent opportunity for photographers to take a picture for the 2009 photographic competition!

Photo copyright:  Jenny CoffeyOur thanks to everybody who visited us for this event and supported our efforts to keep WZ507 flying – the brake problem is now fixed and WZ507 is once again airworthy. Following the success of this event, we will be holding another Open Day in the future. Please check this site for regular updates.


Note to Editors:

For more information, or to arrange to see this aircraft,
please contact Matt Hampton via the VPG web site.

The Vampire is often flying and will visit several airfields during the year.
You will be made most welcome if you come along to see us!

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